Reasons why you should install artificial turf in schools

Reasons why you should install artificial turf in schools

There are many great reasons why installing artificial turf in school is an amazing idea and an idea that is very beneficial to not only the students but also to school management as well. Installing artificial turf and schools can be a great way to maintain the younger children safe from any type of harsh chemical that may be found in real grass.

I know, it is no surprise that keeping real grass looking fresh and green requires a lot of money and a lot of Hard work invested into it. The majority of the time, real grass is unable to grow in a healthy way alone. Most of the time, it requires lawn fertilization and other types of harsh chemicals that can be extremely dangerous for younger children who may come in contact with the area. Installing artificial turf from a wholesale turf company in school can be a great way to have peace of mind as an educator as well as as a parent knowing that your child is able to freely roam around the yard and the grass without having to constantly worry about whether or not the child will come in contact with any type of harsh chemical. For the most part, schools belong to a certain community. Those around of that community or that specific school tend to go on walks with their pets, and making sure that there are no harsh chemicals on the lawn can be a great way to protect pets around the community as well. For pet owners, this can also be very beneficial because they will be able to start walking the dogs without having to worry about the dogs licking the grass or leaking any type of harsh chemical around the area.

This can also be a great way for the school to save on money. The majority of the time, many schools like the sufficient amount of resources that they need in order to help ensure that their children and their students are learning the right way. If artificial turf is installed in school, they can use the money that they would have spent on the real grass on different resources such as computers, books, journals etc. Parents and educators can come together as a team to help discuss the many benefits that installing artificial turf in schools can have not only on the community but also all of the students as well.

Pros and cons of artificial grass

Although it is rare for anything to actually own the title of “Perfect” it is a lot more difficult to tell you about the pros and cons of artificial grass than it would have been a few years ago. Of course everyone has an opinion on the topic and there are a lot of people who are against the idea of artificial turf and there are equally as many people who are all for artificial turf and actually have it installed in their yards. It can be hard to decipher which opinion you should believe when it comes to this topic so hopefully I can help you decide on what you want to do by the end of this story.

First up is the list of pros that installing artificial turf will give you.

Water conservation. We’re in a drought right now and it takes a lot of water to make sure that your yard stays the green it is, but with artificial turf you don’t have to worry about watering it because it does not require water to stay in it’s healthy green state.

None toxic, no allergies, and no harmful chemicals. The material that the grass is made of has zero toxins in it so it is completely safe, it isn’t real grass so it doesn’t grow pollen to cause allergies, and you don’t have to use any dangerous chemicals to keep bugs away and the grass healthy.

Safe surface to play on. Usually grass is bumpy and has hills and holes that you can’t avoid no matter how many times you cover them up. But artificial turf is a completely flat surface. And it’s bouncier and softer than natural grass so if you fall you are less likely to get hurt.

Now for the cons which is something that everyone wants to see.

The grass cannot get above a certain temperature. Because of what the artificial turf is made out of you shouldn’t put open flames onto the surface, it can cause the grass to damage or even melt which will ruin your yard.

It can start to smell which is another downfall, but there are ways to fix it so it isn’t one of the worst things that could happen. If your pet uses the bathroom on the grass it might start to smell since this grass is not meant to use the waste and recycle it into fertilizer. 

Just keep in mind that when you are installing AGR Synthetic Grass, or if you are just looking into it, not all of the turf is made equal. If you are going to make the jump and have it installed please make sure that it is done by a professional and the turf you choose comes from a name brand place and not something you found on a knock off website.

Is lawn fertilizer poisonous to your pets?

If you have a pad or if you have ever had a pet in the past years you probably are already aware of the many different factors that come into properly taken care of them, and properly ensuring that they are healthy and safe. Taking care of a pet is very similar to taking care of a child. It requires you to spend a lot of money on them and everything that they need, and it also requires a lot of your time and attention as well. Keeping your pet safe is definitely a priority to all of us. 

The majority of you already know that if you have a pad, keeping any type of harsh chemicals are products that are related to maintaining the lawn looking fresh and green is definitely something very important to do. One of the most dangerous chemicals that pets can come in contact with his lawn fertilizer. Lawn fertilizer is extremely dangerous for pads and it can become deadly poison is as well. There have been many different cases all over the world work plants have died because of lawn fertilizer. It can be very challenging to constantly have to check up on your dog when they are outside running around or enjoying some time alone. This is why it is very important and highly recommended that you switch over to synthetic grass rather than real grass if you are a pet owner.

If you are a pet owner, switching over to artificial turf for your lawn can probably be the best decision and investment that you have ever made. It will give you peace of mind knowing that your pad can freely roam around your yard without having to constantly check upon them. You will be able to spend some more time with your friends or family members knowing that your dog is perfectly safe in the backyard. You will also be able to save a lot of money because lawn fertilizer can definitely starting to get more expensive. Switching over to artificial turf can probably be one of the best decisions that you make as a pet owner. Making sure that the pads remain safe and healthy is definitely something that we all need to prioritize and take the time to ensure that we are doing everything possible to keep them safe.

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